Thursday, July 29, 2010

Cake stand.....

I bought these at a good will store. The little cheese cutting board and glass cover was only $1.00 and the salt shaker was a Quarter!!!! Yay for a super fun find.

I removed the top part with a screwdriver so that I would have a flat surface to glue the dish to!
I sanded down and cleaned the shaker and the cutting board so that the paint would stick better!!
I used a green Acryllic paint and painted the whole thing using white to accent the edges then painted white dots on the middle part of the salt shaker and the edges of the board then used another shade of green (lime green) to add a little extra touch to the dots! I let it dry completely then sealed it in by spraying a clear coat over the entire thing.
When it was completely dry I used a generous amount of Gorilla Glue to Glue the 2 together. Then of course I had to make some cupcakes to display my little work of art!!!! Recipe HERE!!!!

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