Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I had this chair and it glided and I rocked my babies in it and it was the only chair I was comfy in while I was pregnant and then it broke...the end!!!

Then I saw this beauty on the side of the road....someone was throwing it away!!! It's not a glider but it is on springs and it does rock and it is SUPER comfy. I simply could not let it go to waste!!
SO I took it apart and I ripped off the head rails to make it look more sleek. I sanded and cleaned it well and patched what needed patching and fixed what needed fixing!
Then I painted and painted and then painted it again. I used a little black paint to accent some of the detail in the wood....something that gets lost when you paint woodwork but something that I do appreciate so much being the sister of a woodworker and all! And then things went BAD.....I gave the chair a CLEAR coat of varnish to protect the paint from chipping and scratching and to give it that finished look....WELL what was suppose to be a clear varnished turned my white beautiful chair yellow. You can only imagine the frustration after all the work I had put into it. SO I started all over sanded it down and gave it a few more coats of white.
Then came the difficult part....sowing!!!! I have had a sowing machine for years but it has only been used well I'm not sure if I have ever used it to be honest. But I needed cushion covers so I dug it out. I had NO IDEA what I was doing whatsoever but it went much smoother than I could have ever expected. No it's not perfect and the 2nd one I did looks much better than the first which is understandable. I wish I had used a zipper but instead I sowed it shut. I used rad that correctly I made my own cording and made it a part of the cushion. I had the guidance of this BLOG to help me make these! I also made so pillows with the leftover fabric!
I'm very happy with it and I believe that the sowing machine will be making an appearance much more often now that I know how fun it is to sow. Not that I need any more crafty addictions:) I'm sure my husband would agree with that statement!!!

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